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TISD Online Learning

This page has been created to allow remote learners to get started in their new learning style.  Please refer to this page for information before calling your campus office or helpdesk. If you still have questions that your teacher cannot answer, please feel free to email, or call your campus helpdesk.
LES Helpdesk 936-594-3567 x2100
MS/HS Helpdesk 936-594-3560 x4100
District Technology Office 936-594-3569 x1100
Student usernames: A student's usernames are created by taking their first name, adding their middle initial, then their last initial, and finally adding up the numbers in their "lunch" number (aka student ID).  It sounds complicated, but we did this to try and eliminate duplicates.  For example:  Sally Jane Smith 111111 would be "SallyJS6".  If you append  "@(campus abbreviation)" to the end of the username, you would have their email address. If  Sally is an elementary student, her email address would be "".
Student (default) password: Student email password is "Tigers2020".
How to add your home Wi-Fi to the TISD Chromebook:  Video Link
Classlink Quickcards (Lansberry Only):  Quickcards allow students to login without having to remember, or type their credentials. 
Why is my Verizon hotspot so slow/why doesn't my class Meet work?  TISD is working with Verizon to identify and correct a lower than normal speed conditions in our area (less than 2Mbps).  If possible, connect to another accessible Internet source (home WiFi), or come up to one of the campus parking lots to automatically connect to the TISD district network.  You may need to park close to the buildings, but we are working on expanding our range to cover all parking areas.        
UPDATE:  As of 9-15-2020, Verizon reports that speeds are back to normal for the devices that we provided them for testing.  If you are still experiencing issues with your device, please report it to your teacher and your campus helpdesk.  
Classlink is the district's Single Sign-On (SSO) service that allows you and your students to log in once (at --- This is link is also available under Staff Resources on the TISD homepage.) in order to access all of your online resources, textbooks, and links without having to log in to each one! 
Oneroster (by Classlink) is a "behind the scenes" service that allows us to "roster" (add/move students and teachers) to the proper classes according to their schedule.  This keeps you from having to add that new student to each resource that requires them to register.  We are currently working with IXL, Edgenuity, Schoology, among others.
Schoology is a full-blown Learning Management System (LMS) that we will deploy next month, which will allow much greater control over what you and your students can do, and it keeps up with Grades, Attendance, time-on-task, and more.  
Edgenuity is an online resource that is TEKs aligned and integrates well with both Google Classroom and Schoology.  It will also be replacing A+ for credit recovery.  
ICEV has videos for most of the CTE classes, it allows teachers to assign them to students, and to grade quizzes over the assigned material.  We have had ICEV for a few years now, but we have recently expanded our subscription to include more courses and it now offers SSO through Classlink!
IXL is a personalized learning platform that we have moved to a district-level licence for this year.  This process has run into some delays in updating our student information.  Please bear with us as we sort through these issues.