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Bus Routes


Trinity ISD

TISD Bus Routes 2023-24

  Note: Drivers and Routes Updated 8/04/2023

Bus 1----- Trinity cove, 356 to Trinity cove. ---- DRIVER:  JACK

Bus 2 ---- 230 to MLK, Church St. Davis St, Pine Valley, Morrow---- Craig Troutman (filling in)


Bus 3 ----- Calvin St, Orr and Christopher St, 2nd St, Mill Town -----DRIVER: HEATHER M.


Bus 4---- 356 Past Trinity Cove, White Rock Estates, White Rock Acers, Out Back, jungle Village, Timber Bay ---AUDREY C    


Bus 5---- Westwood Shores---- JANICE H.


Bus 6----Trinity Plantation and Pine Crest Estates 464 Robb St. South 19---- CRYSTAL B.


Bus 8 ---- 94, 3188, Trinlady, Parker St., Clegg St, Pegoda St, Madison St.-----JORDAN D.


Bus 9-----Lake L (AM and Pm) and Barker Ln (PM only) ELEM---- M.J


Bus 10----North 19 to Barn Switch, Kelly St, East Pine Valley, Charles St, Dorcus Wills--- LYNN E.


Bus 11----Rail Road St, Pine Crest Rd, Bette St, Goober Gap, 1617, South Oak Mobile home Park Hardy Circle---OPAL


Bus 12---- Tatum, Robb St, Creekside, Walker St, Israel                        

                 Otis, Jessica, Pecan, South Edwards, San Jacinto----------- TERRI H.


Bus 14--- Lake L (Am and PM), Barker Ln (Am and Pm), High school/Middle school only, High school Middle school transfers to LES, B&G club---FOREST R.


Bus 30--- SPED-------------KIM S.