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Credit by Exam

Credit by Exam (CBE) for Acceleration provides an opportunity to earn grade level or course credit in which no prior formal instruction was completed. Please see the Frequently Asked Questions below prior to completing the application.

Credit by Exam Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Credit by Exam (CBE) for Acceleration - No Prior Instruction?
A: Credit by Exam for Acceleration provides an opportunity to earn grade level or course credit in which no prior formal instruction was completed. Credit by Exam is designed for a small percentage of students who have an academic and emotional need to advance to the next grade level.

Credit by Exam is not designed for grade level recovery after being retained in a previous grade level.


Q: What are the eligibility requirements for a student to register for CBE?

A: Students must meet all eligibility requirements to register for CBE testing:

1. Student is enrolled in a Trinity ISD school.
2. Student will be at least 5 years old by September 1st of the current year.
3. Registration form is completed and returned to school principal by the deadline listed on the form.
4. Campus principal must sign the registration form to verify student’s grade level and eligibility.


Q: How many tests will my student take?

A: Students attempting to earn credit for a grade level K-8, will take four subject-area exams: English language arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies.

Students attempting to earn high school course credit will take two tests per course, one for semester "A" credit and one for semester "B" credit. The following courses are not available for CBE for Acceleration at this time: Algebra 1, Biology, English I, English II, or US History.

Q:What are the dates for the CBE?

A: Trinity ISD offers four testing opportunities throughout the year.

Kindergarten – 8th grade:

Students must pass Math and Science in order to take the Reading and Social Studies exams on day two of the session.
High School:
If a student is testing out of a two semester course, they must pass the semester "A" exam in order to sit for the semester "B" exam.

Credit by Exam administration dates for the school year are listed in the application for each administration.


Q: What are the registration deadlines?

A: The registration deadlines are listed below. 

Fall 2018  - October 8, 2018
Spring 2019  - January 8, 2019
Summer 2019  - Admin 1 April 1
Simmer 2019  - Admin 2 June 26


Q: Where do the tests come from?

A: Trinity ISD orders the tests from The University of Texas at Austin’s K-16 Education Center.


Q: What is on the test?

A: The tests are based on the Texas Essential Knowledge and skills, found here:


Q: How do I access the CBE registration form?

A: The CBE registration form can be found at the links provided above.


Q:What time should my student arrive at the testing location?

A: All students must arrive at the testing location by 8:00 a.m. The maximum amount of time allowed for each exam is 3 hours. If       there are two tests administered that day, the afternoon session begins promptly at 12:00 p.m.


Q: What is the testing address and location?

A: Testing locations may change, depending on the availability of campuses.

Testing locations will be verified through a letter you will receive from the Assessment Center which will include a confirmation of dates, times and location. You will receive this letter about 10 days prior to the first established testing date in the testing window.


Q: We will be out of town on the testing dates listed can my child take the test on a different day?

A: Testing opportunities are offered four times throughout the school year. The district will adhere to the scheduled testing dates provided for parents and students.


Q: How can my child study or prepare for the CBE exams?

A: Review materials may be found at:
The above website contains information about the structure of the exam and question samples. High school students should access this site in order to read specific selections before some exams. Obtaining student textbooks referenced in the study materials will be the responsibility of the parent.


Q: What score does my student need to earn in order to accelerate?

A: Students must earn 80% on all four subject-area exams to earn credit for an entire grade level in K-8.
High school students must earn 80% on each semester exam to earn credit for a course.


Q: If my student does not score a minimum of 80%, will the score be recorded on the student transcript? 

A: Scores below 80% will not be recorded on the student’s permanent transcript.


Q: My child does not make an 80% on the exam. Can I appeal the results?

A: The state has established a passing standard of 80%. Therefore, appeals of student results cannot be considered.


Q. If my child meets the passing score of 80% or above, can I choose whether or not to have my student to enroll in the next grade level or course?

A: If the student meets the score requirements for an elementary grade level, once the parents sign the authorization to promote they do not have the option not to promote. If the student meets the score requirements for a secondary course, the student must be placed in the next grade level or course. The parent/guardian does not have the option of not promoting the student if they meet the grade level or course credit required.


Q: What grade will my student test out of is he/she is taking Session 1 CBE in October or November?

A: Students taking Credit by Exam in November and December will test out of the following year grade level (2018-2019).
That is, a student currently enrolled in 1st grade (2017-18 school year) will take Grade 2 CBE. If the requirements are met, the student will remain in the current grade level (1st grade) until the end of the school year and enter 3rd grade in the fall for the 2018-19 school year.


Q: What grade will my child test out of if he/she is taking Session 2,3, or 4 CBE?

A: All Credit by Exam tests will test out of the next grade level. For example, a student currently enrolled in Grade 1 will take the exams to test out of Grade 2. If the requirements are met, the student will remain in the current grade level until the end of the school year.


Q: When will we receive CBE results?

A: With the exception of some exams that must be hand scored by UT, most scores will be mailed to the parents within ten business days from the testing date.


Q: What will happen if the results are not received before the first day of school?

A: The Credit by Exam schedule is designed with the intention that parents and campuses will receive the CBE results before the start of the school year. However, if the CBE results are not received by the first day of school, the student will begin the school year in the current enrolled grade level. If the student does meet the criteria to advance to the next course or grade level, the student will be moved to the new course or grade level, once the CBE results are received.


Q: IS there a cost for taking the CBE tests?

A: There is no charge to students for the first administration of a credit by exam covered by this application. Tests are ordered upon receipt of completed registration form. Therefore, students who cancel, fail to attend, or decide to test at another time will be responsible for paying the $25 fee per exam.


Q: How many times can my child test for CBE?

A: A student is allowed one attempt at the grade level or course exam during a testing window.


Q: What if my student does not pass one or more parts of the exam? Can they retake the exam they did not pass the first time?

A: If a parent requests an alternate examination as a second test during another testing window, the parent will pay for the cost of the alternate examination. Each exam costs $25 and payment must be received by the Assessment, Evaluation, and Accountability department along with a completed registration form by the deadline before make-up exams will be ordered.

Students are allowed only two attempts per subject area.


Q: How is this different than CBE for credit recovery?

A: Students who have had prior instruction in a course but failed to earn credit may contact their high school counselor for details regarding how to regain credit.


Q: Can my student attempt to accelerate through several grades/courses at one time?

A: Students must earn credit for one course or grade level as a prerequisite to attempting CBE for the next course or grade level. For example, a student must earn credit for Spanish I before he/she can attempt the CBE for Spanish II.


Q: Can my student's CBE score be used for Gifted/Talented identification?

A: No. CBE tests are not designed for nor are they appropriate for Gifted/Talented identification.